Our recruitment process is Thorough Professional Efficient

How We Work

Our team at Client Staffing Solutions, Inc. really enjoys building relationships with companies large and small anywhere in the country and even abroad. Client Staffing Solutions, Inc. believes in doing the right thing for all parties involved. Before we even begin the recruiting process with a new client company we ask ourselves a few questions:

1. Is this a company I could see myself working for?
2. Do they offer a good work environment and treat employees well?
3. What is the culture like at this company?
4. What future growth potential exists for top talent?
5. Are they committed to developing their people to the highest level?
6. What stability will this organization provide in the future?

We believe that the answers to these questions are extremely important. Our experience has taught us that when we align ourselves with companies that offer a good working environment and treat their employees fair that we can successfully attract the top talent they are seeking.

History has demonstrated that securing just one or two "Top Performers" can significantly impact the future of an organization. However, attracting this type of talent requires a unified effort on the part of the employer and the recruiting firm. We take a consultive approach in helping you design a hiring process that ensures strong communication throughout the hiring effort and allows for quick and decisive decision making. This streamlined approach demonstrates to candidates your professionalism and shows your organization in the brightest light possible. Consistency in the hiring process will hold the interest of high caliber candidates from the first interview to their first day on the job. When we work with companies we function as an extension of their organization to ensure a seamless hiring process. It just makes good sense.

We can also network with 100+ independent recruiters nationwide to bring you "cream of the crop" talent, get positions filled quickly, and save your organization time and money. Is there a position that we can help you fill? We are ready to be of service to you, just give us a call today.


What Client's Say

I've worked with Client Staffing Solutions, Inc. for over two years now. I've found Tom Noble to be very professional, intuitive, and responsive and I'm proud of our relationship. I recommend Client Staffing Solutions whole heartedly.

Lee - Department Manager